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I am sorry to have put you through so much unnecessary stress and pressure.
I wish you know how much I cherish you and treasure you.
I never expected to be so attached to you.
I will try to keep a distance for this last year and you’ll never have to deal with me again after we graduate.


People ask us what Singapore players should be talked about?

Heres a good one.

TrueThrowExecutive 1

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Worried. Scared. Fear.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
So, do you know about Yoyogs? The secret yoyo elite forums? First it started with Save Deth's secret forum they supplied, then moved to Yoyogs now its simply titled /b. What your opinion on all of this?
jjaysonn jjaysonn Said:


More coming soon on this. But basically, if the post in this forum were to ever make it into the public, many a player would be seen for their true colors, which is not a good thing. Some of the most “positive” and “professional” players are also the most two faced people in the yoyo world, and will say some of the most offensive and hurtful things in this forum of “secrecy”.

The truth will soon be revealed, as we at truethrow have gained some exclusive access and already gathered much proof and examples.

Just waiting until the time is right, to expose the truth about some of our most looked up to throwers once and for all.

TrueThrowExecutive 2

so true imo.

I will never be the one.
So why get bothered by it?

I will never be the one.
That’s why I’m bothered by it.

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@herschelsupply #herschel #eighteen here!

Sunset behind school alternative.

Sunset behind school.